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sophorax - natural breathing and allergy balance

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Herbal supplement to support asthma and breathing

SUGGESTED USE 1-2 capsules twice a day on empty stomach
INGREDIENTS Sophora flavescens, ganoderma lucidum, glycyrrhiza glabra, zingiber officinalis, magnesium stearate, silica dioxide, tricalcium phosphate
RESEARCH SUPPORTED INDICATION FOR INGREDIENTS Supports your body during allergies and asthma
CONTAINS 60 capsules


An herbal formula for asthma, hay fever, chronic bronchitis, allergies, and nettle rash

Research conducted at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York has found this wonderful vegan formula by Ran Botanicals to be supportive when you have asthma, hay fever, chronic bronchitis, allergies and urticaria (nettle rash). This amazing blend of 4 valuable herbal ingredients is a natural breathing and allergy balance. It is manufactured under GMP, HACCP, and ISO9000; it is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, SLS free, free of artificial fragrances, and effective.

  • Take if you suffer from asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, allergies
  • Natural allergy and breathing balance
  • 4 all-natural, herbal extracts

How to Use

Take 1-2 capsules, twice a day, on an empty stomach.


This preparation is not suitable for use during pregnancy. Do not take for longer than three months without professional supervision. If you are nursing, taking prescription drugs, or under the age of 18, please consult a physician before use. Keep out of reach of children. This product does not intend to cure, prevent or treat any illness. It is only a herbal supplement to support your body as per the information above.

Additional Information

According to research conducted at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, in collaboration with the Weifang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, high efficancy was found in the treatment of asthma with this herbal formula. This is the first well-controlled trial in which the Chinese herbal formula was found to have the same level of efficancy in the treatment of asthma as a corticosteroid drugs. The study is considered outstanding both in terms of quality and duration. (J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2005 Sep;116(3):517-24) Glycyrrhiza Glabra was found to have expectorant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic activities which helps in understanding the positive effect on asthmatics. (J. Pharm. Sci. 1985;74(1):79) The effect of Sophora was examined in an open study that included monitoring of chronic asthmatic patients who were treated with the herbal extract. A significant improvement was found in their quality of life, in the clinical symptoms and in their pulmonary function throughout the trial period. In addition, there was found to be a significant decrease in the use of synthetic steroidal drugs and bronchodilators, up to a total halt in their use in some cases. No significant side effects were observed from use of the herb. (Phytotherapy Research. 2007 Jun:21(6): 554-7)

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