Who we are?

Hanoch Maskalchi

CEO and Founder, father of three, animal and nature lover, wellness advocate and strong believer in nature’s healing power.

"After I met Riki and experienced the positive power of natural living, I decided to devote myself to building HEALTOP; a company dedicated to increasing health & wellness through natural, efficient and effective proven supplements, vitamins, skincare products, and more".

Riki Hakim

Founder, naturopathic specialist, author of ‘Healing Foods 2017’ and mother of three, Riki’s Naturopathic clinic has treated thousands of people through natural and noninvasive methods.

"After treating thousands of people and knowing just what products and solutions to use, I wanted to leverage my expertise and knowledge to help as many people as possible. HEALTOP is the ideal platform help people to help themselves to live well."

Oren Silbershatz

Founder and Head of HEALTOP’s affiliates network and father of three, Oren has devoted the last decade of his life to bringing first-world clean energy solutions to third world countries.

In my last 10 years I have devoted my life to bring advanced solutions to people worldwide through collaboration with local partners in many places. HEALTOP will cooperate with practitioners all over the world and I am thrilled to play a key role in that."

Netaly Levy

Naturopathic specialist, writer of HEALTOP’s special tips and posts, marketing ninja and mother of two, Netaly uses HEALTOP’s herbal natural products daily.

"HEALTOP combines my passion to help people with my love of writing and marketing. I love the fact we truly make a difference."

Rachel Snap

Health and fitness coach, healthy living advocate and mother of two, Rachel makes her own non-toxic cleaning materials at home and uses HEALTOP’s skin care and supplements daily.

"As a health and fitness instructor HEALTOP enables me to share my knowledge with many people worldwide and spread natural health all over the world."


Health Enhancement.

The products you consume should enhance your health & wellness, rather than compromise it. Too many of our day-to- day products contain ingredients that have been linked to cancer, asthma, allergies, diabetes, ADHD and many other health risks. HEALTOP provides only safe, tested, natural solutions.

Real Vitamins & Supplements.

For optimal absorption, all your vitamins and supplements should be real and not synthetic-based, or contain fraudulent ingredients often found in many supplements today. All HEALTOP products are naturopath approved, natural-based and manufactured in accordance with international standards of GMP, HACCP, ISO9000, ISO22000. They are also cruelty free and vegan.

Nutrition, Exercise And Great Products.

Through a lifestyle of good nutrition, light exercise and the use of safe, natural, effective products, we at HEALTOP believe that you can both look and feel great, for many years to come.

Expert Advice.

A little guidance can go a long way. HEALTOPs ability to take you on this journey by providing first-class nutritional advice combined with the very best products for your individual health needs can bring you to a level of wellness you have yet to experience. One that can literally, change your life.


Personal Knowledge And Years Of Expertise.

Sometimes, simple advice from the right expert can make the world of difference and a huge, positive impact on your wellness. At HEALTOP, we use our years of expertise to bring YOU the perfect solution.

Solutions That Work.

We have painstakingly handpicked individual solutions to answer your need to consume natural, safe and efficient products that do… just what they say they will.