Get Rid of Back Pain Easy and Fast

Cold Is Key
Apply Ice to the center of your pain for relief. Apply the ice for 10-15 minutes every hour to reduce swelling.  If you don’t have ice you can always use frozen vegetables!

Soak It Up
Take a warm bath with Dead Sea/Himalayan salt to relax your muscles.

Stretch It Out
Use a foam roller to get all the knots out of your body and to massage your spine.

Change Your Sleeping Habits
Sometimes back pain can come from mattresses that are too soft.  Also, try not to lie on your stomach. The best sleeping position if you have a back problem is to lie on your side or on your back.

Use Creams and non-invasive laser therapy device - it helps
Healtop provides all natural very effective creams ointments and oils that are very effective. The most powerful one chiro but the rest are for milder discomforts. Get one of the following products and feel well. 

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