7 All-Natural Ingredients for Effective Anti-Aging

We live in a world of rapid, exciting scientific changes, a world of the young and the beautiful.  It’s no wonder then, that people are looking for products to slow down the aging process. Taking care of your skin does make a difference. You can see young women with awful looking skin and mature women with amazing looking skin. It’s all about eating the right food, drinking enough water every day, and using the right skin care products.

Have you ever wondered about the ingredients that turn a regular skin care product into an effective anti-aging skin care product?

We've compiled a list of 7 natural ingredients that in any combination, should be in any real, natural anti-aging cream or serum:

Red Algae
Red algae is a key ingredient found in many anti-aging skin products. It may appear as just a red slimy mess that comes out of the ocean, however, it carries enormous benefits for your skin. Red Algae improves how your skin cells function and, acts as a natural shield due to its high concentration of amino acids.  When it comes to flawless skin, you really can’t go wrong with Red algae.

Seaweed is rich in vitamin C and E and helps protect the skin from damaging UV rays. A natural moisturizer, it also increases the natural production of collagen. It is also effective in helping calm red, dry and inflamed skin, which is great news for sufferers of rosacea and acne! 

Astaxanthin is a red pigment found in a wide array of natural organisms.  Like chlorophyll, it is found in many vegetables, green plants, and beta-carotene, a product of vegetables and orange plants.  One of the world's strongest carotenoids, Astaxanthin one of nature’s most powerful anti-aging agents.

Avocado oil
Avocado oil, commonly found in the kitchen, is a great source of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, making it the perfectly delicious fruit to soothe broken skin. Ideal as a moisturizer for dry hands it will keep your skin elastic, smooth and vibrant.  It even works as a natural sunblock!  

Carrot Seed essential oil
Carrot seed essential oil provides all-natural anti-oxidant skin protection. It also offers exceptional renewal capabilities and as such, can be used with commercial products to boost their effectiveness. This essential oil with its aromatic scent is also very popular among men.

Lavender essential oil
Lavender essential oil is an amazing skin moisturizer.  Naturally increasing your skin's blood flow, it allows oxygen and nutrients to travel faster to skin cells, not only for renewal but also for healing. Lavender can be used safely in any anti-aging skin recipe. 

Natural Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant.  According to the American Heart Association, it is highly recommended to be taken on a daily basis because it fights the free radicals that make our arteries clog.  Those free radicals are responsible for skin aging hence if you wish to slow down the process of skin aging vitamin E might be your best friend. Found plentifully in fruits, vegetables, grains and vegetable oils, it can also be taken internally as a supplement to reduce the damage of free radicals responsible for a variety of health issues and aging.