10 Best Essential Oils for Acne

Did you know that acne is one of the most common skin conditions affecting Americans?

After all, around 50 million people in the country get it every year. It's a type of skin condition that can persist until you're on your 30's or 40's.

If you're suffering from acne, you need to prioritize cleansing as your treatment. Fortunately, there are a lot of essential oils for acne available to you. Read on and find out which ones are the most effective for you.

1. Tea Tree Oil

A lot of people use this oil as a means of treating their acne infection. Using tea tree oil for acne is a must since it's great at disinfecting your skin. What it does is to penetrate it, clean out its pores, and dry out your whiteheads.

It's one of the most common acne treatments out there. It has an astonishing rate of success that makes it desirable to acne-ridden people. You can also use it to deal with your blackheads.

2. Lavender Oil

When you use this type of oil to treat your acne, you'll also experience its therapeutic effects. It has the ability to calm the anxiety and pain you feel due to the acne infection. Aside from that, you can also rely on its anti-microbial effect to clear up your skin bacteria.

3. Clary Sage Oil

When it comes to essential oils for skin health, clary sage oil shares properties with lavender oil. Their most striking similarity is their antibacterial properties. It's one of the best active ingredients that help treat wounds, acne, and other skin infections.

The oil has linalyl acetate, a compound that helps exterminate bacteria. It's especially effective against acne while reducing inflammation. It's important to remember that you should dilute the oil before using it.

4. Juniper Berry Oil

If you want to feel refreshed, you need to try out this essential oil. It has incredible detoxifying capabilities for your body. What this means is that you can use it to fight the bacteria causing your skin to break into acne.

You can use this essential oil alongside aloe vera since the latter helps heal and soothe your skin irritation. With both working together, you can expect to have a clearer skin. What you need to remember is to limit your oil use to twice a day and do a patch test to see if it irritates your skin.

5. Korean Fir Oil

This is the type of oil that you can find on the higher mountains in South Korea. You don't hear about this essential oil that much since it's not that popular in the country. But if you're suffering from the effects of acne infections, you need to check this oil since it gives you a plethora of health benefits.

The anti-inflammatory nature of this oil makes it effective against acne infections. It helps a lot by reducing the acne appearance if used on a regular basis.

6. Rosemary Oil

One of the most common reasons for acne breakouts is having excessive oil on your skin. Other risk factors include hormonal imbalance, skin bacteria, and fatty acids within your oil glands. Rosemary oil helps clear out the excess oil while killing bacteria and reducing inflammation.

You'll see that your clogged pores won't swell as much when using this essential oil. Be careful when using this oil since you need to avoid this if you're epileptic or pregnant. Don't use it too much or it might end making your skin more sensitive.

7. Eucalyptus Oil

This is another type of essential oil that helps reduce the amount of sebum on your skin. This makes it good in managing your acne infection. Its antibacterial nature helps decrease the oil levels made by your sebaceous glands.

Your best bet is to use this oil before you sleep at night. Its medicinal properties help treat skin irritation and other conditions like cysts and boils. This oil might not be your best choice if you're suffering from asthma.

8. Basil Oil

One of the best essential oils for skin treatments, the basil out has powerful antibacterial capabilities. This makes it one of the most effective means of keeping your acne under control. Holy basil and sweet basil oil and extracts can help deal with the specific bacteria that cause acne.

Aside from reducing acne, basil oil nourishes your skin too. Its nourishment is deep, provided that you apply it twice a day.

9. Sandalwood Oil

This essential oil is antiseptic, astringent, and can help your skin remain moisturized. It helps you control your acne breakouts, especially if you're using the Indian sandalwood. Its East Indian counterpart can do this while treating other skin illnesses such as psoriasis.

For best results, massage this oil on your face two times a day. But you need to make sure that it doesn't get into your eyes. Avoid using it if you're expecting a baby or nursing your young.

10. Chamomile Oil

Like lavender oil, this essential oil is great due to its impeccable calming ability. While it makes you calm, it also controls the inflammation of your skin. It's also packed with antibacterial properties that reduce the visible signs of skin illnesses like acne and zits.

Using it twice a day can help soothe the inflammation around your affected areas. Take note that, while it's safe to use, you need to consult doctors if you're nursing or pregnant.

Get Essential Oils Today!

When you're using essential oils, take note that your results may vary. Take your skin type and the acne severity levels into consideration. You might see fast results most of the time, but sometimes it can take a while for it to take effect.

It's always important to stay patient. Try other essential oils for acne and see which ones work best with you. Remember, use these with caution especially if you're pregnant or nursing a child. Read the labels content and use the products according to instructions only.

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