The holiday season is almost upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to give yourself, a friend, or loved one the gift of good health! Healtop’s special products are all-natural, vegan, GMP, paraben free, cruelty-free, and naturopath approved. Products are grouped together for you in convenient bundles, each geared to address particular health need or age groups.

And now, Healtop bundles are available to you at special end of the year sales prices – which means, even more, savings on those amazing bundles than usual! – for these highly recommended treatment kits, featuring the very natural products that you have come to love and trust. Enjoy irresistibly low prices on wonderful bundles for each member of your family! Using these 100% natural serums, creams, extracts, and blends just a few minutes a day will help restore the body’s natural balance and make you and your loved ones feel absolutely great!

Healtop’s Sports Bundle is ideal for athletes of all kinds, men, and women! It contains 6 essential all-natural products for healthy joints, ligaments, muscles, and skin:

  • SWEET FEET – 100% natural healing serum for athlete’s foot
  • JOINT AND MUSCLE RUB – a special blend of 7 effective natural ingredients   
  • RELAX – for those tired, sore muscles!
  • BACK AND NECK RUB – just the calming effect you need after a good workout
  • PROTECT – to safeguard muscles before and after training   
  • CHIRO – an intense, back massage balm for every man or woman.

We offer three distinct Skin Care Kits, each for a different skin type. They all feature amazing 100% natural skin care products and are the perfect gift for yourself or for someone you love. Choose the bundle that is right for your skin!

Skin Care Kit - Dry Winter Skin
With the onset of cold weather and dry skin, you or your loved ones will really appreciate these 4 special blends to pamper and treat all areas of the skin:

  • BODY – feel smooth and silky all over.
  • FEET – effectively treats the feet.
  • FACE – moisturizes and pampers.
  • SOFT LIPS – the secret to perfect lips. 

Skin Care Kit - Oily Skin
Enjoy 5 of the finest products available for gently and lovingly caring for skin that tends to be oily:

  • BODY– for a luxurious feel, top to toe
  • SOFT LIPS – the secret to perfect lips
  • SILKY HANDS – 16 high quality effective ingredients   
  • FEET – the best pampering foot cream
  • CLEAR FACE CARE SERUM – a natural aromatherapy blend.

Skin Care Kit - Regular and Combination Skin
The perfect skin care kit for autumn and winter! The lucky recipient of this gift will thank you for these 5 wonderful products:

  • SILKY HANDS – 16 specially selected and blended ingredients
  • SOFT LIPS – the secret to perfect lips   
  • FEET – 100% natural foot cream   
  • BODY – for that delicious feeling all over
  • EVERYDAY FACE SERUM – expertly blended for regular and combination skin.   

Healtop’s Safe Autumn Kit will safeguard all your loved ones as chilly weather arrives. This bundle of 5 amazing natural supplements will keep you and your family protected and happy throughout the autumn and winter: 

  • ANGIOLIGHT – throat infection spray   
  • BREATHE – distilled from natural Sambucus (elderberry) syrup   
  • IMMUNE – the very best precaution
  • WINTER RELIEF – cold supplement.

Healtop has created special healthcare bundles for kids of all ages. Here are two amazing kits for the teenagers in the family...

Our Teenagers Bundle is specially designed to help treat both acne and athlete’s foot, two ailments that tend to trouble teens:

  • CLEAR SKIN – to calm and rejuvenate red, irritated skin
  • SKIN REPAIR – a specially blended serum for red irritated skin
  • SWEET FEET – 100% natural healing serum for athlete’s foot 

Healtop’s Acne Safe Kit includes 4 amazing products to help problematic skin look and feel great:

  • SKIN REPAIR – a special serum for irritated skin   
  • CLEAR SKIN – herbal spray to calm and rejuvenate red skin
  • LAVENDER SUPPLEMENT - improves skin tone   
  • SMOOTH SKIN – 100% natural treatment for scars.

And don’t forget the little ones! Our Toddlers Bundle contains 5 essential natural products to prepare your toddler for winter weather:

  • WINTER RELIEF – an effective cold supplement
  • VITAMIN C – the 100% natural way to support the immune system
  • SOFT LIPS – the secret of soft, smooth lips
  • SILKY FEET – natural foot massage ointment 

Embrace and protect the smallest member of the family with our all-natural Infants Bundle, including 5 specially prepared products:

  • CLEAN – unique herbal spray for a clean environment   
  • NATURAL DIAPER CREAM – so gentle and soothing for your baby
  • BABY COLIC – a safe, natural supplement   
  • BABY POWDER – herbal, all natural comfort
  • VITAMIN C – natural and concentrated to support the immune system.  

Mom deserves the best this holiday season, so treat her to Healtop’s Moms Bundle with 3 amazing 100% natural products:

  • BODY – for luxurious skin all over
  • EVERYDAY FACE SERUM – the best care for regular and combination skin
  • SLIM – the natural way to feel and look great.

As they mature, women need to take extra good care of their health. Healtop’s Moms Over 45 Bundle contains 3 wonderful products:

  • BALANCE – an amazing natural menopause supplement
  • BODY – the 100% natural way to feel great all over
  • FACE – pamper and enrich your skin.

So stock up now on Healtop healthcare product bundles for yourself and the loved ones in your life at unbeatable End of Year prices!

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