Winter is Here, and you want to stay healthy.

But... it's cold, and everyone is sneezing and sniffling.  People at work, kids in kindergardens, in the supermarkets, malls. Everywhere. How do you maintain your strong immune system?

Here are some easy steps to help you strengthen your immune system:

Eat properly – lot of vegetables and fresh fruit plus whole grains. These keep your system in shape.  Reach for kiwi fruit, blueberries, and citrus fruits.

Drink 8-10 cups of water every day and keep your chest warm.

Foods and habbits that are really amazing at boosting your immune system:

  • Citrus fruits. Eat them often, don’t wait till you get a cold
  • Red peppers are packed with vitamin C. More than oranges.
  • Broccoli is packed with vitamins and minerals. ...
  • Garlic. Probably the best overall herb to keep you healthy – and other sick people away.
  • Ginger – In tea, in food, on poultry, even in oatmeal.  Ginger does miracles.
  • Spinach. So you’re not Popeye.  But spinach keeps you healthy
  • Yogurt. Nothing like a shake, or mixed in oatmeal, or just on its own with fresh fruit and granola.
  • Almonds. My buddy the cardiologist says a handful of nuts will keep you thin, healthy and on the go.
  • Tea soothes your throat and makes you feel great.
  • Avoid coffee, too much alcohol and too many fried foods. In the winter, its good to have more protein because you need it, but avoid too many carbs.
  • Stay cool – stress is a major contributor to weakening your immune system. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  But if you want to sweat, get some exercise.
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • If you have to smoke – at least cut the number of cigarettes per day by 50%
  • For people with chronic illnesses or tendancy to allergies and asthma – keep all of the above strictly.

If you are looking for the right natural supplements and vitamins for winter time you might want to check the following:

  • Winter relief is a great winter supplement to support you in case you are already  sick.
  • 'Immune' is another supplement you might want to use, before the cold and flu season really kicks in.  It supports your immune system right before you need it in order to stay healthy.
  • 'purify – propolis syrup’ is a great natural syrup that is known in nature as a strong antioxidant and antibacterial.
  • There’s nothing like working in a crowded office full of people coughing and sneezing – especially when you need share a phone, keyboard or other equipment. Clean herbal spray helps spread the right herbs into closed rooms and surfaces and keep the space clean. Can be used in airplanes, hotel rooms, rental cars, offices and clinics.
  • Feeling tired or low? Just add some lemon supplement to water.
  • Angiolight is a natural herbal spray for itchy throat.
  • Jerusalem Balsam, a 300 year generic herbal formula created by a Franciscan monk. It  was distributed by the Monestary to help the people of Jerusalem stay healthy.  The formula still exists and is a great way to keep people feeling well.
  • If you start taking natural vitamin c the days the leaves start to turn, your body will thank you. It also helps your adrenal gland.

All of the above products are 100% or near 100% natural. They are unique formulas to support you and your body when you need to stay healthy and happy. If you want to find out more about these unique products, or select Healtop’s safe autumn kit, just click here and make sure you and your loved ones stay safe, happy and busy this winter.